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Please provide me with the names of all the individuals who will be staying at the property, along with any necessary information about their occupations. Thank you.

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Professional Disclaimer and Tenant Acknowledgment

By submitting this rental application, I hereby affirm that all information provided in this application is true, accurate, and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that any false statements or omissions may result in the denial of my application or termination of the lease agreement.

I acknowledge that the submission of this application does not guarantee rental of the property and is subject to the Landlord’s or their Authorized Agent’s approval. I understand that additional verification processes, including but not limited to credit checks, reference checks, and background checks, will be conducted as part of the application review process.

Furthermore, I recognize that 3PM Real Estate Services Inc., in facilitating this application process, is not acting as my legal representative or advisor. Their role is limited to the collection and presentation of my application to the landlord or their authorized agent.

COVID-19 Safe Property Viewing Process Acknowledgment:

I understand the importance of adhering to the COVID-19 safe property viewing guidelines established to protect the health and safety of all parties involved. I acknowledge that:

  • 3PM Real Estate Services Inc. and their representatives can share general information about the rental market, provide standard forms and contracts, show the property, assist in filling out the tenancy agreement, and communicate my messages and offers to the landlord or their agent.

  • However, 3PM Real Estate Services Inc. and their representatives cannot provide personal advice on terms and conditions to include in the tenancy agreement, negotiate on my behalf, or disclose any confidential information belonging to the property owner.

By checking the box below, I confirm my understanding and agreement to the terms outlined in this disclaimer and acknowledgment. I consent to move forward with the application process under these conditions.

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